Who to Contact?

Customer Care: 815-506-4191 option 1

In order to streamline and document calls, all questions should be directed to our 24/7 customer care center. If they are unable to assist you, they will take a message and forward it to the appropriate Lakewood Falls team member by taking a message. The customer care center can be reached by calling 815-506-4191 option 1

Patrol: 815-506-4191 option 2 - patrol@lakewoodfalls.org

Please be reminded that if your issue is an emergency, or of an urgent nature, please contact the Will County Sheriff's Department at 911 or (815) 727-8575. A follow up call can be made to the patrol line and if there is an officer on duty they will return your call or address your concern. Otherwise, your matter will be addressed when the next officer reports to duty. The Lakewood Falls Community Patrol email is monitored on a regular, but not immediate basis. Your concern will be addressed by the Board, Community Manager, or the Community Patrol officers as appropriate. Issues of immediate concern should be addressed with the Will County Sheriff directly, at the numbers above.

You can also reach key team members via email

Diana Luna - Property Manger: - manager@lakewoodfalls.org

Compliance Coordinator (violations) - violations@lakewoodfalls.org

Lease Administrator - leasing@lakewoodfalls.org

LWF Security - patrol@lakewoodfalls.org

Resident Services - residentservices@lakewoodfalls.org

Clubhouse Rental - clubhousereservations@lakewoodfalls.org

The Board - theboard@lakewoodfalls.org

Waste Management: 800-796-9696 - http://www.wm.com

Contact Towing 24 hour service: 331-814-3456

To order reasale documents , please visit https://www.fsresidential.com/illinois and click on “order documents and certificates”. If you have further questions please contact WelcomeLink at 888-679-2500.